When we start the day full of negative thoughts we are drastically impacting the lens through which we view the rest of the day. We often hear or see negative information on the news, Facebook feeds, newsstands or hear negative chatter at the beginning of the day and this all adds up to the negative tuning of our brain for the day.

Did you know that just 3 minutes of negative news in the morning increases your chances of having a bad day by 27% (as reported 6 to 8 hours later)!!!

So, what can YOU do to protect your brain from this harmful start to your day?

  • Begin the day by Empowering yourself – read, learn, listen to something positively inspiring
  • Choose what YOU Engage with - you don’t need to click on it, listen to it, or discuss it
  • Unplug – step away from the electronic devices
  • Take Action! – smile, start the positive conversation, or take a mindful moment

This doesn’t protect us against all negativity, it means we choose not to get stuck in it!
You have two key areas you can control – what goes in and what comes out. Consciously choose to be positive, productive, uplifting and grateful.

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