Sporting stars like Andy Murray, Stephanie Rice and Le Bron James participate in a range of activities; technique development, fitness training, mental skills training, yoga, imagery, mindfulness and meditation to enable them to keep calm, increase clarity and maintain peak performance.

Skilled sports people go into every game with a GAME PLAN. A well-executed game plan WILL lead to success – whether that be a win, demonstrating improved skills and talents, or a personal best.

Top level sportspeople follow their passion and create their optimal environment by doing the following:

  • They rest.
  • They have days off.
  • They make sleep and recovery an important part of the schedule.
  • They have time slots for specific activities.
  • They maintain a healthy approach to eating and drinking.

Successful athletes have routines and know these routines increase confidence, and bring about a sense of control and lead to success.

Top level athletes master the art of the skill or technique through persistence and feedback.

Successful athletes are not about the quick fix, sort cuts or immediate self-gratification. The most successful athletes can see the big picture and apply themselves to their long-term success.

The high performing athletes out there have coaches to inform them of the best options to take, what to do to be the best and how to stay on track.

As an athlete, you cannot focus on everything all the time – so you get specialists and experts in to guide you.

Do you want to be recognised in your career as a world class, top level ‘athlete’, that has an effective game plan in place and a team of experts around you to enhance your overall performance?

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