So, you have been brave enough to step up and take your POWER BACK Now What?

Taking your POWER back is a continuous and consistent action that you must engage in daily. This DAILY ACTION is establishing your confidence muscle and resilience so that your mindset grows stronger. Decisions then become easier. Practicing confidence and resilience can start with small decisions – what do you want for dinner (decide instantly and stick with it) what do you want to drink tea or coffee – don’t um and ah – make a quick decision. Making these instant decisions in ALL parts of your life, flow through to your career and ability to stand in your own power!

Set yourself up for little tastes of success


Be PURPOSEFUL and PERSISTENT in pursuit of your goals so that you can build a strong powerful foundation to work from. Success improves confidence, confidence enhances performance, and positive performance keeps the consistent and continuous actions going.

Bring forward your past actions that have resulted in success.  Reflect on these and deconstruct the experience a little - what worked, what didn’t work, what can be brought through this time? Learning from past experiences both in success and failure will result in higher levels of achievement – IF YOU LET IT!

Continuous and consistent actions are easier to execute when your thoughts, feelings and actions are aligned with your values. If we notice conflict or discomfort in the workplace, this can be indicative of a situation that is against our personal values. This is the time you need to take action – know your values, align the situation with your values, and TAKE YOUR POWER BACK

Actions can be executed in various ways to change the situation. A courageous conversation, a meeting of the minds or a moment of openness and vulnerability may be required. Another possibility is determining when it is time to move on to other places/situations.  

This is NOT about BLAMING yourself or accusing others for their behaviour or failures.  This is about taking ownership and controlling the controllables in your world!

When you are shifting outside the comfort zone and creating magnificence, a pre-performance routine is required to bring out the best version of yourself:


Plan: Write your thoughts down so you remember what you want to say/present, if you have the agenda for the meeting identify moments when you will contribute, identify the possible ‘what if’s’ from the others and plan your response.

Choose your best time/place: Have a courageous conversation (regardless of roles e.g. supervisor, colleague), organise the meeting choosing your best energy times (e.g. first thing, 11 a.m. 3 p.m.), choose your ideal environment (e.g. casual chat - coffee or formal - meeting room), work towards the end result/outcome (e.g. a more effective working relationship, improved effective communication, more responsibility in decision making)

Mind shift: Don’t over analyse and STOP rationalising - that paralyses you from taking action. Choose an action you can take that will STOP, CHANGE or SHIFT your thinking. This could be a physical movement, something you DO that will change the perspective. What are my THOUGHTS - I can do this, I can have a better working relationship, I deserve to be heard, my ideas are valid, I am taking my power back versus – this is going to go wrong, they will hate me, I’ve never done this before, I don’t know if I can go through with it! 

           BEWARE: The latter will sabotage the outcome.


Decide: Consciously think through the process – what’s the best that can happen, what’s the worst that can happen, WHAT'S THE MOST LIKELY!

Act: Put your plan into action!

Celebrate: the outcome, learn from the failures, and bring forward successes for next time.


When you consistently take action aligned with your values, you increase confidence, self-belief, and resilience that will propel you forward to take your power back in all areas of your life!  

One of the best pieces of advice on offer...

“Less chit chat, more do!”


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