Identifying the cornerstones of developing resilience - that ability to bounce forward following a set-back. Something that we can ALL develop and strengthen regardless of our personality and circumstances. This workshop provided opportunities for women and men in STEMM to take time out and identify; their usual response to stressful events, their thoughts and actions that ensue, and HOW to take that one small step forward to grow resilience in a fresh and vibrant way. 

"Resilience begins with Gratitude and intention. Realising and focusing on what you do have and not what you DON’T have is paramount. It is like a muscle where you have to use it, nurture, grow it and develop it – so that you can call on resilience in the tough times."

 Participant Feedback:  "Great personal stories from Christine and Elizabeth from Resilience is the ability to be real and true and honest and identify how you you feel - the good and the bad - and find a way forward through through unfamiliar territory. We can all develop resilience."   @WISparkville


13 September 2018 organised by WISPP - Women in STEMM Parkville Precinct Leadership series, at Ella Latham Lecture Theatre - Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Melbourne Australia.

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