An exciting half day workshop investigating the secrets on how to thrive in life and career.  We covered HOW TO: Create new responses to stress, Establish routines and habits so you can live your life with more energy and more time for yourself and others, Choose optimistic thinking to lead to mindful living, Expand your tools to choose an improved response when things hit the fan (and they will), Develop strategies to be confident and take your power back.

"Alongside selecting thoughts, feelings and actions, morning routines are important: Every successful person needs to have morning routines that set them up to be the best version of themselves."

Inspiring women and men in STEMM to ‘control the controllables’ and live authentically.

Participant Feedback: "It’s good to have people reminding us to be more mindful, more aware of ourselves and to keep on going and facing obstacles all that we can control is what is relating to us – our own thoughts, emotions and actions. Not someone else’s. There was a lot to think and I believe anyone who would attend this workshop would gain from it. Thank you for the daily tips for positivity and ways to exercise our resilience to grow." Dr Catarina Almeida, University Melbourne 

15 November 2018, Melbourne University, Melbourne Australia.

Melbourne uni