Practical workshop about identifying the things that knock us side-ways in life and career and identify what we CAN do about them. We all have challenges in life - our response is our response and there is no need to compare - there IS a need for resilience. A way to bounce forward n all areas of life and career.

"Changing your response for the future, You either THINK differently or DO differently. You need to work out – are you someone who needs to physically move or do you think or analyse things in your head. The key to adapting your response to get a positive change is that you either think differently, or do something differently.


Participant Feedback: "I learnt its important to take action when I'm struggling with things, and that sitting around and over thinking my problems doesn't always help me and so when Im struggling I need to talk to someone about it, and do something, even just something small which makes me feel in control of my life and the situation I am in... I really liked this workshop because even though its helping me with my PhD, I really think the takeaway messages can be applied to so many aspects of life; relationships, career, health."  Jess Chadderton PhD Candidate

2 October 2018, Peter Doherty Institute, Melbourne Australia.


Peter DOherty OCt 2018